Monday, November 16, 2009

The Superhero Supply Company

One of BKLYN Yards favorite shops is in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the Superhero Supply Company. What a rad space for little ones to transform into the Superhero they have forever dreamed of. And better yet, a great opportunity for their imaginations to run rampant.

The Superhero Supply Company, owned by author and screenwriter Dave Eggers, at first glance appears to be an ordinary hardware store in the neighborhood, but if you look closer those paint cans you spotted in the window actually read 'muscles'. And villians beware, there is truth serum ready to be used at any moment. This unique shop offers disquieses for the hero in all of us, robotic sharks, and even sonic booms. There are also books, great books, awesome books, books for kids of all ages (even the BIGGEST kids).

And for every great superhero there's a secret lair. So, it is only appropriate that tucked behind the walls in the Superhero Supply Company is a secret lair where students 6yrs-18yrs can be tutored in writing to help bring out the super in every kid. So, Superhero Supply Company, BKLYN Yard gives you 'Two Tees Up" for being a hero in the kid'dom world. Check it out and Play Nice!

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