Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wburg's egg

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For the early risers and the ones with little ones, Williamsburg's egg is a child friendly restaurant on North 5th between Berry. Egg opens at 10am and is a full house by 10:15. If you do end up having to wait a few for a bite it is worth the wait.

Hipsters, children, momma and poppa bears will all be smiling with every bite especially with the beignets to kick off your meal! The grits and the hash browns are a couple items on the breakfast menu not to miss.

If egg does not grow it themselves at thief 6-acre farm in Oak Hill, New York they get all of their produce from local artisanal farmers. Organic and free range is the way Egg rolls. Nobody hates that. In fact, we applaud it.

For more info on egg and thier farm check out the links below..

the egg blog:

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