Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hits and Misses-(Life as a First Time Mommy)



A New Mom's Hits & Misses

These are the items I couldn't live without right now!
1. Binky holder from Target - Dean's bink falls out so many times a day that it would either get lost or I'd go crazy from washing it a million times after all those spills on the floor
2. BKLYN Yard onesie - this is the softest onesie I've ever felt! Stylish and a great color combo too!
3. BabyBeHip burp clothes - these adorable monogrammed burp clothes were a gift from a really good friend. I adore monograms, but I love even more how they save my shirt from getting destroyed after Dean eats.
4. Co-sleeper from Target - this mini crib slides right up next to my bed, but allows my son to have his own sleeping area (all while still being within my reach).
5. Boppy pillow from Babies 'R' Us - I use this thing ALL the time! Dean nurses on it, he naps on it, it makes holding him for long period of time easier, etc.

Now I know better....
1. Swaddle wraps - my son hated to be swaddled....he would cry and fight to get his arms out, so needless to say, these were a waste for us. Maybe baby #2 will like them one day???
2. Sleep sacks - never used them....even the smallest size was too big for Dean.
3. Baby sling - a lot of these were recalled because of suffocation. I didn't want to chance anything.....

The Verdict is still out on.....
1. The Baby Bjorn - my son does not like it right now, but I'm not giving up hope just yet. I'm thinking once he is big enough for me to turn him around in it, he might actually like it. Then I will have both of my hands free to do things when my baby just wants to be held :)

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