Sunday, May 9, 2010

Obsessions & Confessions-(life as a first time Mommy)

As many of you new moms know finding time to sit and write can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we are grateful for all of Kates (aka Deans moms) posts in our series of "Life as a First Time Mommy"-

Life with a Newborn


Obsessions and Confessions of a New Mommy......

Without sounding too much like a complete snob, I must "confess" that I'm "obsessed" with my baby boy. Here are a few of my obsessions and confessions:

Obsessions - his crooked smile :), the way he giggles at my funny faces first thing in the morning, how sweet he looks when he's nursing, his chubby belly, tubby time, and how I'm the only one that can truly comfort him

Confessions - I'm already stressing about leaving him to go back to my teaching job in September (I don't wanttttt tooooooo.........), I've already started planning Dean's first birthday party (I'm a little crazy like that....ha!), and my boy sleeps in bed with me every night *gasp* (doctors always preach it's a major no no but I LOVE it!).

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