Friday, April 16, 2010

Life as a First Time Mommy-Kate

BKLYN Yard has cupcakes, we have fun, we have hip gear, we have our weekly "Children's Book Corner" and now we have "Life as a First Time Mommy". BKLYN Yard wanted to touch on the life & experience of a new mom. Kate, my bff from childhood, just had her first baby-he's gorgeous and he's a fan of BKLYN Yard (you go boy!). Now, anyone who knows Kate knows that she's not only a beauty but also one of the most organized, down to earth and well put together individuals on the planet. So it was funny when she lovingly wrote "Who knew how hard it would be to compose an email and hit the send button with my lil fella now in the picture..." We thought it would be fun and entertaining for our readers to have Kate share her experience as a first timer. So with no further ado...heres Kate!



Life with a Newborn!

Name - Kate
Babies Name - Dean
Age (if u want) - 32
Baby age - 7 weeks (I love watching him grow but want him to stay little at the same time....sniffle sniffle).
what u like to do together - taking walks, snuggling, my boy goes EVERYWHERE with me...from shopping, to coffee dates with the girls, lunch at Mommom's house, to name it, he's done it!
Deans favorite food; (lol) - He's a total boob man(already)...haha. He's a breastfed boy...
Routine - As many new mom's know, there isn't much of a set routine just yet (even though I'm dying for one....I, myself, am a girl that craves routine!). Every day is a little different. We usually get up around 8am, Dean gets his bath for the day, we watch Rachael Ray and the View and catch up on our emails and favorite blogs, then we head out for the day (take a walk, errands, lunch at Mommom's, etc.). Dinner usually happens around 6:30pm and then my husband, me, Dean, and our 1 year old Beagle puppy, Ginger, snuggle in for the night. Oh....AND....tons of feedings happen in between all those activities and all through the night!

Keeping it Real:
What I planned for the day - Take a shower in the MORNING and get on with my day.
What actually happened - The day's activities went on but the shower didn't happen until 11:30 that night....ugghhhh! Time is not my own anymore, but I wouldn't have it any other way :o) When that little face smiles up at me, I count my blessings and thank God for the awesome responsibility he's given me <3

Stay tuned for more of Kates updates and life with Dean in our "Life as a First Time Mommy" series. She is one creative soul who will share all she knows with a little comic relief along the way (<3)


  1. Kate, welcome to the Mommy Club!
    I promise, you will sleep again :)
    You look beautiful and he is gorgeous.

  2. Thank You! So happy to hear sleep is in my future :)