Friday, April 9, 2010

Shakin' It Up with NYC Vendors


How'd we get so lucky? NYC just announced that they will be hosting Cake & Shake, a vendor cart selling CUPCAKES. Can you believe it?!?! Smack dab on the streets of New York you will be able to fill that sweet craving with a delicious cupcake (our favorite!). While on the go (as all New Yorkers are) you can get a full meal at the Hot Dog Cart for dinner and over to the Cupcake cart for dessert...all on a budget.

Cake & Shake was started by Gina Ojile and Derek Hunt. The carts will be parked outside the Metropolitan Museum and Washington Square Park. Cupcakes and milkshakes will range from $3-$5 and they will be rotating 5 out of 20 flavored cupcakes each day. So when in NYC make sure to stop by and grab yourself a cupcake and a shake! Play Nice & Love Life!

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