Monday, April 19, 2010

Turn Off that Boob Tube


for at least this week. Beginning today take some time to bond with the family. April 19th kicks off National Turn off the TV Week. Now, you wonder what to do with the kiddos when there is no TV to occupy them. Worry no more because they can, play board games, read, and enjoy each others company. We found that Parents offers a great deal of fun alternatives. And what an opportunity for the little ones to use their imaginations to entertain the spirits. I remember the days when my family would vacation in Maine with no T.V. to boot and we would play board games. It was their that I realized my mom was actually funny and not just, well,"mom" get to it and turn off the tube. You wont regret it! Who knows maybe your little ones will find out how cool you really are. And please email us at with some images of your family bonding without the tv or send us some ideas too so we can share it with the other parents. Play nice-

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