Friday, April 23, 2010

Life as a First Time Mommy-"Life with a New Born"

Life with a Newborn....



is awesome....and exhausting....and exciting.....and frustrating....and a gift.

Awesome because this tiny person is all yours. You are the one who he looks to for comfort (and every other need in the world that he has).

Exhausting because he's eating every 3 hours (that includes during the night). If I'm lucky, he'll have a long stretch here and there. And by long, I mean 4 hours....*wink*

Exciting because he's doing new things every day! Like giggling and cooing and responding to toys and voices that he wasn't before.

Frustrating because he's been a little fussier than usual lately.....and I can't figure out why all the time....grrr.

And a gift because not everyone can have children. I feel so blessed to have this baby in my life and cherish every moment with him.

Keeping it Real:
~ My goal over the past two weeks was to take each room in my house and do some spring cleaning (wash windows, baseboards, organize, polish, floors, etc.).

~Reality....I've finished three rooms and am beginning to realize it might take me two months, not two weeks, to finish!

Ahhhh....Life with a Newborn....

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