Sunday, March 14, 2010

Children's Book Corner-Reviewed by Little M&N



We wanted to start a fun weekly series where the little ones have the opportunity to review their favorite book. For our first series, we wanted to feature cute M&N,an adorable almost three year old and a big fan of BKLYN Yard (as you can see from the picture).

Her favorite book at the moment is:


BKY: Whats the name of your favorite book
M&N: Pinkalicious

BKY: What do you like about your book
M&N: My friend gave it to me.

BKY: What's your favorite part in the book
M&N: Pink's my favorite color!

BKY: Who do you like reading the book to you and why
M&N: Nana because I love her.

BKY: Anything else you'd like to share about the book
M&N: I like the boy.

And there you have it. Wise words from a sweet three year old. And according to M&N's mommy "she LOVES pink and pink cupcakes so this book was absolutely perfect for her...I'm pretty sure she'd love to turn pink just like the girl in the story!" If you're looking for a good read for your little one. Check it out, especially if they're a fan of pink. Until then Play Nice.

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