Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fever



And we've got it good! Once the clocks move forward, and leaves start to bloom we can't help but get that feva' for the spring time! This Spring the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has got a cure for that fever. They are offering an array of activities for the young ones to 'dig in' to. At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Children's Garden there are over 800 kids that have the opportunity to garden each year. (that's a lot of flowers). Moms and dads can sign their little green thumbed munchkin up to learn the basics of gardening. The program also include structured play, games, and arts and crafts that are used to teach the basics of gardening both indoors and out! And the best part is they can take home flowers and vegetables that they have grown. Lucky! And, no worries if you're not a brooklynite. There are gardens everywhere and you better believe the little ones would enjoy it. So get your hands dirty and play nice.

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