Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pillow Fights



We're always concocting new activities to do with the kids (nieces and nephews) and an absolute favorite from my childhoods past was 'designing' our own pillowcases with fabric paint. It would be hours of fun for my brothers and I and allowed us to bring out the art-eest in each of us. While my brothers were busy drawing cars and dinos I mastered the lady bug while stenciling my name. Designing your own pillowcase makes for a wonderful keepsake too and something the kiddies can have always. Also, my older sister used this as a great activity for her daughters first slumber party. It kept the little ladies entertained and allowed them to take home something cool. So get out those fabric paints and ideas and put them on a pillow (case that is). Pillow Case Crafts can help you if you need a little direction. Play Nice!

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